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The Jetty Bar

Venue: The Jetty Bar
Partners: Seventh Sense Consulting

When CUB’s State Sales Manager, Matty McPhee, heard that The Jetty Bar in Glenelg South Australia was undergoing a multimillion-dollar redevelopment, he knew it was going to make a big splash. The Jetty Bar has been a stalwart of the iconic Glenelg F&B foreshore and Matty approached directors David Elms and Gavin Baily to get more detail on the venue's transformation. While the architectural plans had been largely resolved, what The Jetty Bar needed was a service-minded design review, particularly the bar layouts.

Matty took the opportunity to introduce David and Gavin to Geoff Chamberlain of Seventh Sense Consulting.

Geoff got straight to work. After a site visit in February, he dug into the recent performance of the pub and broader objectives of its redevelopment. The Jetty Bar’s redesign will see five bars on the ground floor and one on its upper level, delivered in stages. Geoff provided peer review for the layout the bars, kitchen and service infrastructure areas for the most pressing elements of the redevelopment’s first stage. Geoff’s guidance for the team, as he brings to every project, always starts with: “if this was my venue, this is what I would do.”

Seventh Sense’s recommendations – namely, detailed ways to reconfigure bar spaces and better divide The Jetty Bar into distinct zones – were taken on board by the project team and its architects.

Seventh Sense offers quick practical responses, while respecting how much work goes into each project before they waltz on in. For The Jetty Bar, it took Geoff and his team one week to conduct a site visit, assess documentation, propose amendments and reach a team-wide consensus. For Directors David and Gavin, this advice ensured functional and efficient service layouts that would maximise production and revenue. This will be felt most keenly at peak trading loads, bolstering ROI for The Jetty Bar's stakeholders and easing the service-to-service stresses of all bar and FOH staff at the transformed venue.


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