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Trend Alert:Grand Regional Gestures

Where: Tenczyneck (outside Kraków)
What: Restored heritage taproom
Who: Janusz Palikot, entrepreneur and former federal Polish politican

Words: The A+ Team
Images: Oni Studio

April 30, 2024

In regional areas across the globe, one clear effect of Covid remains. Across all sectors of hospitality, we’re seeing established operators capitalising on the fact that population growth in the regions is outstripping that of many capital cities. Where this dynamic exists, restaurants, bars and pubs are helping put small towns firmly on the map.

Tenczynek (pronounced: ten-chen-ek) is an idyllic village 25 km west of Kraków, Poland. Its brewery has been operating since 1553, although the original heritage structures sat decimated for decades after WWII. Under new ownership in 2014, Tenczynek Brewery brought in Warsaw-based architects PROJEKT PRAGA to bring this history back to life through a richly-textured taproom that has put Tenczynek on the map for designers and brewers alike. 

Historic brewing techniques, oak furnishings that wrap around the entire venue and minimal intervention metalworks allow beer and vodka-making processes to shine brightest.

Tenczynek Brewery, Masters of:

01. Destination Setting 

In creating a sleek temple to beer and vodka, Tenczynek Brewery has made their taproom a must-see destination for architecture and beer nerds across Europe. The venue has become a fashionable day trip for Kraków locals and tourists visiting the medieval Polish city.

02. Watercooler Chat

The brewery’s centrepiece is a self-serve drinks column lined with handmade burgundy tiles. Beyond letting punters pour generous lagers, this focal point creates a natural meeting place for drinking buddies old and new. 

03. Craft on Draft

The taproom’s minimal finishes are crafted from oak, handmade ceramics, seamless steel and custom glazing. For this fit-out, PROJEKT PRAGA worked with a team of expert artisans from the Tenczynek region and around Poland. 

Check out the brewery’s Instagram, and make sure to drop by their haute taproom on your next Eurotrip.

This Trend Alert is excerpted from the A+ Future Trends Report 2024–25, a holistic deep-dive into what we know will impact hospitality operators in coming years. Stay tuned, the report will be made available to the public soon.

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